Marrying Russian girl and its advantages

Marrying Russian girl and its advantages

It’s obvious that Russian women are considered the most beautiful and charming ladies in the world. Many foreigners who have been in Russian can prove it. But appearance isn’t the single thing Russian girls can boast about. Why are Russian girls the best? Why is it profitable to marry a Russian woman?

Marrying a Russian girl: the advantages of this decision

  1. These people are caring. Most of them are caring and gentle ladies. Western women are independent, they build the career and often forget about men. Unlike American and European feminists Russian ladies know that they should have a husband and children, they will have to work on coziness and happiness in the house, they need to cook tasty dinners every day. Russian ladies are perfect for building family. Over time you will start appreciating this family-devoted behavior when your friends will complain you about their reckless and independent wives.
  2. Their appearance is unpredictable. Do you like blondes or do you prefer hot brunettes? You can find a Russian girl with the perfect appearance. They like to change their style or hair color and they do it with the exquisite taste.
  3. Russian ladies are different. Every person is unique and you can see it judging by Russian beauties. You can meet a girl with the long slim legs and big breasts who thinks only about her appearance. At the same time you can meet a humble pretty girl who is intelligent and smart.
  4. Most of them are slim. Russian cuisine includes potatoes and a lot of bread. Despite this fact, Slavic women know how to be in the perfect shape. They are active and most of them go to the gym regularly. They have a good appetite but at the same time you will admire her long and slender legs.
  5. Russian women are well-groomed. They always try to look perfect. It doesn’t depend on the age. You can meet a woman with the grey hair and she will look astonishing. You will never see your girlfriend without make-up or in a dirty t-shirt.
  6. They dress nicely. Russian girls love shopping and they know all about style and modern trends in clothes. Some of them can’t afford expensive dresses and suits but at the same time they manage to look gorgeous in cheap clothes. They know what suits them perfect. Women know all about accessories and other details that build an amazing style. Some ladies aren’t afraid to walk in high heels on winter ice and they do it effortlessly.
  7. Russian ladies have good education. They are one of the most interesting interlocutors. They can tell you about the traditions of another country or life of insects. These people are polite and educated, they are aware that one can’t attract a man using the appearance only.
  8. Slavic ladies are brave. They are always ready for adventures. She will accompany you in taiga and will live with you in the forest if necessary. A girl will never leave you alone, she will fight with you and for you.
  9. They are patient. They know that any man has his own drawbacks. She won’t make a fuss because of it. If you scatter your socks around the apartment, a girl will pick them up without any word.
  10. Russian women are the sexiest. They don’t rush with the complete intimacy. These people prefer to seduce men slowly. Russian girls plan their first sex very thoroughly. They will think about small details, about menu of the romantic dinner and color of their lingerie. They know all about your erogenous zones and they like long and passionate foreplays. Many Russian women are monogamous. They can’t imagine themselves having several partners at the same time. These girls are quite chaste and they don’t have sex without love.

How to attract a Russian woman

If you look for a Russian woman for marriage and serious relationships, you can guess about their mystery and special mentality. It’s worth to know in advance how to attract a Slavic lady who is looking for a decent and reliable husband on dating websites.

  1. Open up to her and tell her about your feelings. Even if you are afraid that you won’t get reciprocity, it’s worth to declare your feelings when you are interested in something serious. You won’t lose anything. If your feelings are mutual, you will have every chance to get close to her. If a girl isn’t sure about her feelings, you will make more efforts to attract her.
  2. Show your male behavior. Marrying a Russian woman means that you will have to support your lady. Invite her in a restaurant and open the door in front of her. Put back a chair near a table helping her to sit down. Don’t let her even take a wallet from her purse, remember that it’s you who will pay for dinner.
  3. Sometimes you will have to change. Some girls like athletic strong men who spend all the time in the gym. If you are not like that, you can say you are ready to change for her. A kind girl will definitely appreciate it. By the way, you can just promise it, you don’t need to change immediately, especially at the beginning of your relationships.
  4. Choose the right moment. It’s important to be here when a girl needs your attention and support. For example, you should talk to her when she has a conflict with her parents or when she failed an exam. Girls like supportive men. Even if she looks confident and indifferent, she needs your help deep inside. At the same time, you shouldn’t be intrusive, just ask her if she needs something and repeat your question several times.
  5. Do nice things for her. A little bouquet or several candies in her pockets that you left anonymously will melt her heart.
  6. Listen to her and give some advice. Be interested in the conversation. Ask her about her favorite books and movies and remember them to discuss it later. You can read something that she recommended, it will be nice to share the reviews about it.
  7. Follow your ideas. Don’t lose yourself trying to attract a Russian beauty. You are a unique adult person who has your own opinion. You can disagree with her, in this case say your position in a polite but firm way.
  8. Call a girl by her name. This way you will show your respect. Besides, Russian names are really beautiful!
  9. Don’t stick to her if she is indifferent. If she let you know you are not in her taste and she isn’t going to have serious relationships with her, don’t be intrusive. Leave her alone and try to forget her. Switch to other girls who will give her reciprocity.

What do they find attractive in men

There are some traits that Russian women like the most:

  • The sense of humor.
  • Intelligence and smartness.
  • Creativity.
  • Courtesy.
  • Attentiveness.
  • Love to small adventures.
  • Persistence.
  • Confidence and braveness.
  • Charm.
  • Knowledge of the body language.
  • Skills of lovers.

Even if you don’t have some qualities, you can develop them. Remember that every Russian girl is unique and every girl has her own taste. It’s impossible to follow universal schemes trying to attract these ladies. Don’t be afraid to be rejected. If it happens, just make the conclusions and move on. If you want to marry a Russian girl, you will have to be purposeful. Hope that our recommendations will help you to find a reliable partner for marriage.

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