Rules for Effective Online Dating

What are the rules for successful virtual dates? Let’s observe some of them together. Do you agree that the first date is a stress for both parties? This is a standard situation because calmness is usually a symptom of indifference. She doesn’t care if you find her attractive with her very fair hair, because, apparently, she doesn’t plan to see you again.

Find out what are tips for a pleasant meeting:

  • Convenient time

Agree on a convenient time in advance. There will be nothing good if during the online chat you are suddenly interrupted by a call from the boss, and she – by the visit of your mother.

  • Nice background

Just like on a regular date, you need an intimate atmosphere. In this case, it is suitable for music, nice furniture (well, if it is a classical picture or a natural landscape).

  • The girl is in focus

Do not forget to look directly at the camera, otherwise, she will think that you are simultaneously playing a game or watching a movie. Your female partner must be sure that you are looking at her.

  • Lively interest

If the conversation going in an awkward way, with pauses and your jokes are out of place, change the topic. Or maybe directly ask what she would like to talk about.

  • Find common subjects

Write something like “Oh, cool, and I am also allergic to broccoli”, “Do you really like Aerosmith?” If the woman likes you, she keeps on chatting and video session, no matter how skillfully you whistle the hit song of her favorite band. So your task is to find common interests.

  • Better to keep silence

What we shouldn’t talk about is age, appearance, and nationality. Don’t proceed much on politics unless she somehow connected to this sphere.

  • More humor

It is important how easy you talked the whole evening and how many your jokes she sincerely praised. But even more crucial is the moment of farewell. All these stupid conversations, emoticons, pauses – maybe they look awkward, but in fact, they are a good sign. Finish your session with a good joke. On the contrary, if the girl abruptly interrupts the dialogue, you should not delude yourself into her account.

Well, there are even more scenarios of how to end the conversation. If the date is successful, then, of course, agree on the following! Appoint time, ask for phone number or messenger. The situation is simple: if something gives joy – we unconsciously try to extend the pleasure. And if you are disappointed? Then surf the web site again: there are still so many beautiful girls.

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