Why do foreigners choose Russian girls for serious relationships

It is no secret that Russian brides are among the most desirable ones. Americans, Germans and the British are ready to put a ring on the finger of the Slavic beauty. They are hundreds and thousands registered on dating sites, and they enjoy no less hot offers

But what is so special about them? It’s simple. Read these answers

  • Feminine and beautiful

Only a young lady from Russia can choose an outfit for hours to go just outside. Only a girl of Slavic origin can look as good in jeans as in an evening dress.

The national feature of these women is attentiveness and accuracy in clothes. While many Europeans ladies remain “unfeminine” they are not ready to pick up clothes and pay attention to how the outfit sits. Of course, there are exceptions, but the majority of young ladies from abroad prefer not to waste time on their appearance and wardrobe selection.

  • Always a great look

They are well-groomed, and they don’t go around the house wearing creepy masks or hair curlers. Evening cream or a trip to the beautician – this is the choice of Slavic ladies.

In addition, they do not forget about make-up. This does not mean that for the morning run Russian will apply evening make-up, but underlined eyes, eyebrows, and lips will certainly.

  • Caring and attentive

Europeans and Americans put themselves above their second half. Many of them leave their partners alone with problems. While the Slavic girl is an attentive and caring friend. She surrounds a man with comfort and is ready to support in the most difficult moment. After all, even the most brutal guy sometimes wants to relax and get his share of attention from his beloved.

  • Seek family with a foreigner

Deciding on a serious relationship with a foreigner, Russian girls plan not only to get married but also to build a family. And this is a great dignity of the Slavs. The fact is that Americans and Europeans are fixated on career and self-realization – they are not ready to pay attention to their spouse and children.

  • The man is the head of the family

Most young ladies in Europe and America are avid feminists. They insist on equality and are not ready to give the man the “reins of government.” While local beauties prefer, on the contrary, “to charge” a man with all serious duties and to be engaged exclusively in housekeeping.

It may not be as ambitious as a career and high status in society, but it is the love of home and family that attracts foreigners.

  • Good housewives and great chefs

Many foreigners simply do not know how to cook: they prefer dining in restaurants and cafes. As a result, even the simplest dish prepared by a Slavic bride for a beloved man will go with a bang.So visit reputable platforms and arrange your personal life.

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