Types of Fraud With Online Dates

Scammers are everywhere! All of our online activities, including dating online, can be dangerous. All the most effective types of fraud are built on the same principle and start with the fact that you get a very tempting offer.

  • Money for traveling is the most common type of fraud. Mostly elderly gentlemen who spend time on relationship platforms fall into this trap. Usually, there is a nice possible companion with an ideal portfolio that interests you. One small detail: she usually lives in another city. Or even in another country. And she needs a little money to come on a date with you. And maybe some money to pay for the hotel.

The victim pays, but the girl never comes. Because there is no girl. The portfolio contains images from some photobank. The person who chatted with the victim all this time was a fraudster. Often he was really a male.

  • The classical case is when the interlocutor finds out your bank details, as well as blackmail you. In communicating with a new acquaintance be suspicious at least about a few points:
  • The new friend immediately insists to leave the dating site and continue communication via e-mail or social networks.
  • He has been registered on the site for several years: what has he been doing here all this time? Ask why he is still looking for his love on the Internet.
  • In the very first days, he/she confesses his/her love and writes tender letters.
  • Claims to live abroad or to be a citizen of another country.
  • Says he will visit you soon, but at the last moment, his trip is postponed.

If your conversation contains one of these points, it is better to immediately stop communicating.

How to protect yourself from online criminals on dating sites? There are several rules that must be followed:

1. Always check the information about the interlocutor. If your new friend is not registered anywhere except the dating site, he may not be the one who claims to be or is hiding something. There are specialized forums and websites (any search engine will help you) for scammers. Check out these lists for your new friend.

2. Always ask questions. Pay attention to how the user answers them and whether they were answered at all: usually swindlers use standard letters with sensual declarations of love, ignoring all the questions.

3. Pay attention to the photos. Ask a new friend to send fresh pictures in a personal message.

4. Never give out personal information: it is enough for a fraudster to know your ID and phone number.

5. Stop communicating with those who ask money – in any way, for anything. Do not send funds to new acquaintances, even if you are convinced that their life depends on it.

Remember that your safety is in your hands! And be happy when chatting on dating sites.

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